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Athabasca University

Mathematics Diagnostic Assessment


This evaluation consists of three sections, A, B and C, of increasing levels of difficulty. If you are quite confident about your mathematical knowledge, you may skip Sections A and B, and do only Section C, which checks skills mastered at the senior high school level.

no calculator useWe ask that you do not use a calculator for this evaluation, however, you may use pen and paper for manual calculations if needed. If you do not know the answer to a question, click the SKIP button that will appear towards the top of the screen. Knowing which questions you are unsure about is as valuable as knowing which ones you are confident about.  


 We also recommend you DO NOT use the browser BACK button. This is very important if you are using Internet Explorer as attempting to go back to the previous page within the quiz will result in data loss. Browsers other than Internet Explorer will not lose data but will still prevent navigating backwards.

** Please note: If you want to start this test in another browser, please use as a new starting point. Do NOT use or copy it to another page in the middle of the test as that will create an error.



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